10 FAQs about Branding

10 FAQs about branding

Often in meetings, social media or casual situations, I find people asking similar questions when I tell them that I am a brand designer. Branding is often underrated, and sometimes people things aren’t worth the investment. These are some of the FAQS about branding.

1. What is branding?

My favourite answer is:

Branding is everything to do with the emotional connection between your customers and your company.

Branding is all the things (visible and invisible assets) that emotionally build your company. For example, your social media is part of your branding. If you have a shop, the way you decorate it is part of your brand. If you are a speaker, the way you speak is your brand. Even the smell, a lot of clothing shops have their fragrance designed or if you remember when you come into a Starbucks they all smell the same.

2. Isn’t a logo the same as a brand?

Nope and yes. A logo is part of the brand. Like the assets, I listed above. The fonts or the colours you use are also part of the brand. But the brand is a broader definition. A logo is more like the face of a person.

3. Why do I need a brand?

Branding will make you more attractive to your potential customer. When you design a brand, you do it for your clients to understand that you are there for them and to attract them.

Branding will make your business stand out from your competitors. It will show why are you different and better.

Branding is going to bring credibility and trust to your company. When you have a well-designed brand, you won’t look amateur or dodgy. You will look appealing.

Other things that branding can help with your business is confidence and empowerment to you and your employees. When you have a well-defined brand, you will be proud and confident when you talk about it.

4. Do I need a Brand?

This FAQs about branding is a classic. The short answer is yes. Now having said that there are brands like The Pie Crust in Stratford that isn’t that appealing, but it’s very successful, but these are rare occasions.

5. How long it takes to build my brand?

A branding project can take from weeks to months, depending on how big is the job and the brand application. A logo and some business cards can be done in a couple of weeks. A brand strategy can take six months.

Also, bear in mind that branding isn’t a goal. You have to keep it alive to avoid getting stale. You have to keep it fresh. It’s part of your business, never stop evolving.

6. How much does a brand cost?

The cost of a brand will depend on what and who. A logo and some basic applications can cost just under a thousand pounds. But if we are to brand a growing business, it will be a bigger job as you need to design all the elements and applications strategically to ensure the brand will grow well with your company. A brand strategy can cost ten or fifteen thousand pounds, but you don’t have to spend it in one go. Discuss it with the agency and make sure to grow slowly and within your budget.

7. When do I need to rebrand?

When it feels stale or tired. Some brands are created from a trend or just a little bit outdated. Sometimes it’s essential to wash your face and put some makeup to look fresher.

When you are not attracting the right customer, we brand for our customers, if you aren’t drawing their attention might be time to check your brand. It could also be that your customer has changed, I see a lot of brands that are doing a rebrand to get closer to the new potential clients like the Millennials.

When your business changes the offer, technology is changing the way we do business or creates new needs. If you need to change your offering might be worth to let your customers know, and new customers understand your offering bay doing a rebrand.

There are more reasons for a rebrand, check the reasons why I rebranded.

8. How do I manage my brand?

Two words: Consistency and coherency.

Managing your brand can be challenging; a lot of times is out of your hand. It’s essential to keep checking your brand assets and ensure the fonts, the colours and the logos are all consistent.

You can have someone in the business if you don’t have a budget for a brand manager, that keeps an eye on the brand. Or get one-hour consultancy once or twice a year to ensure the consistency and coherence of your business branding. I would be happy to audit your brand.

9. Do I need Brand guidelines?

Brand guidelines can help your brand to keep consistent. Even if are basic notes about colours (Pantone, CMYK and RGB) and the fonts you use.

Brand guidelines are the help people to use your brand, the way is intended to, so if you have to work with other companies, the answer is yes. Because if your brand isn’t kept consistently can get diluted.

Something that changed my brand was a Brand Strategy Book. It’s a book where I have everything about my brand. From the purpose to the tone of voice. It’s like having the brain of my brand in writing so I can share with my marketing consultant or consult it when I have doubts on what would my brand say in this case?

How Brand Strategy Help me, an answer of my FAQs about Branding

10. What is the difference between a personal brand and a brand?

No difference. The only thing that changes is that one refers to a person and the other is a general concept. But the principles of a personal brand are the same as a brand that would be used in a company. In fact, my brand has a persona built into it.