3 trends on branding for 2020 and beyond

Now that we have closed the first decade of the millennia, we can say what a 10-year roller coaster! We have seen significant changes, politically and sociologically. I believe that over the past ten years, the world has shaped a new way of doing business, and with that branding is integrating more than ever before.

History is closing the circle again, businesses use to be local, and therefore very personal, then globalisation made brands unaccessible. In the past then years, with social media and the Millenials leading the way, big corporations have lost that air of being the king to give that title back to the consumer.

So what is going to happen from 2020?

Brand strategy for all

A few years ago, the word Brand Strategy was something that sound like only Nike would do. Today is a buzzword that we hear quite a lot. Small businesses are starting to understand that you can get by having a brand, but you need a strategy to position yourself in the market and become the to-go-brand.

Crystal clear

From the past few years and with the rise of social media, transparency is possibly one of the essential attributes for all businesses. We can’t say we will do something and then not deliver.

Buying with our conscience

Purpose-driven brands are on the rise. With the amount of information and the problems the planet is facing, shoppers buy with their conscience. Brands with poor ethics and low sustainability will be left behind.

What are the trends that you see? Comment below!