3 ways to find customers

Entrepreneurs know that finding customers is not something that happens when you start a business. You have yo move around and put yourself in front of your potential customer’s eyes. 

Being helpful

Participating in conversations will make your potential prospects aware. Get into the forums, social media groups and help people who need help. Or answer questions that haven’t been asked yet. 

Over time you will be seen as the expert to go for that topic. 

Top Tip:

Ensure the groups you are in is full of people who needs what you offer, there is no point on becoming an expert with experts or within groups that are no interest to your business. 

Give content free

Simon Sinek was saying the other day in a post that good leaders give their knowledge to help their industry. Having good leaders create better businesses. A similar thing happens when you give your expertise for free. In my case, I help ethical businesses to thrive, when they succeed good things happen on the planet but also they come to me to help them because I help them first.

Top Tip

Collect data from the people who read, watches or listen to your content, so you can keep in touch. 

Brand storytelling

Tell your story in bits. Using the right media for the right story part. Your customer will put it together and will engage emotionally with you. 

Top Tip

Be engaging, use the right language, and what your prospects want to see. It’s not about you and what you sell. Is about them and how their life will change when they use your products.

Before you get yourself doing anything from the above is essential to have a good brand strategy to help you to understand your customer, knowing who they are how they want to be addressed and where they hang out. Not only this, having a plan to keep your communications consistent, so you have a message but not getting your customers bored. 

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