5 tips to ace on Brand Strategy

5 tips to ace on Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is a plan. Is understanding why you are in business and your vision for the future. Then you have to find your customers, checking that there is enough market and know who they are. Only then you will have enough information to align your brand values and your customer’s. Only then you can have coherent conversations. It sounds simple, but it requires planning and effort, all of it well worth.

Here you are, the five tips to ace on brand strategy:

1. Know the why, what and how

I highly recommend reading Simon Sinek’s book, Start with Why. Or if you don’t have time to read, search for his TED talk with the same name.

This first step is essential to create a good foundation, a sustainable brand that will last years. Most people that start a business have a passion, including those who think they are commencing a company for money. This passion is the purpose that will drive your vision. 

2. Know the audience

Knowing who is buying your service or product is possibly as important as knowing who you are. You need to understand their challenges and their motivations. The brands that they engage with and their shopping habits. Where do they hang out? Are they more online or offline? I recommend creating a Customer profile, even two if you think you have two very distinctive customers who purchase in your business.

3. Learn the language and the tone

How does your customer speak? Do they like bunter, or are they more of a scientific-words people? When you talk to your customers, you have to address in the way they expect to be treated. For example, are they people who want to be guided or are they equal to your brand. Don’t use jargon if your customer doesn’t understand it. 

4. Learn your story

Storytelling is the art of explaining who you are and what you do. How do you make a difference in peoples life’s and how will they feel after purchasing from you. This story is important to you because you will have to learn it and repeat it, not word-by-word, but in different ways and formats. Knowing the story will help you improvise your elevator pitch while networking in an event or post a quick Instagram story.

5. Communicate with consistency

Consistency is that words that brand designers, repeat over and ove, consistently. Which is ironic, because consistency doesn’t mean repeating the story literally but keeping it in the same lines but not making yourself dull. Visually is following the same fonts, colours and elements, being used creatively but also recognisable.

Bonus: Tell everyone in the business

The secret of a good brand strategy is for everyone in the company to become brand managers. Managers should teach everything about the brand to the new starters and how to ensure the brand is well looked after. When I work on a brand strategy for a business, I handle a book that has everything about the brand. That book can be shared with marketing agencies and employees, so when they are speaking about your brand, they are all on the same page.

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