Creative for kind business

I'm a multidisciplinary creative working to make a positive impact on the planet.

Being ethical and sustainable is not a nice-to-have but a must, and I am 100% sure that is compatible with profit. All you need is a coherent brand that nurtures the right customer.

I have been passionate about creativity and sustainability since I was a teen in the nineties.

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“Born in Barcelona, made in London”


I grew up in Sant Pol de Mar, a town by the sea not far from Barcelona. I was a pretty normal kid, playing in the streets with the other children in the village and exploring nearby forests. I was the luckiest to be the little one of the best family on the planet. When I was in high school, and I got asked what I wanted to study at uni, I was torn between graphic design or ornithology, the study of birds.

I ended up studying Graphic design and Art Direction at IDEP, Barcelona.

In 2006, after graduating, I came to London for one year to study English and have an adventure. Over fifteen years later and more than a decade working and learning about design, the adventure continues in London.

I am a curious type, and I always keep looking and learning for new things. I have done bookbinding, storytelling or drawing courses, and I am also studying Japanese, which has nothing to do with creative work. But it is a good brain gym.

I am always open to continuing the adventure and sleeping my eyes open for the next challenge.

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For a full career history, here is my CV.

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