I'm Narcis — a creative with over 15 years of experience building brands and designing for print and digital.

Like all creative people, my brain doesn't switch off, I carry a notebook in my back pocket to ensure no idea gets lost, and the first thing I do when I grab a menu on a restaurant is to check the layout, fonts, and search for widows and orphans.

“Born in Barcelona, made in London”

How I ended up here?

I grew up in Sant Pol de Mar, a town by the sea not far from Barcelona. When I was in high school, and I got asked what I wanted to study at uni, I was torn between graphic design or ornithology.

I studied Graphic design and Art Direction at IDEP, Barcelona.

In 2006, after graduating and doing some internships, I came to London for one year to study English and have an adventure. I ended up making home in London.

I worked in design studios as an in-house designer before, accidentally become self-employed.

I am currently available for freelance work and open to permanent roles. 




For a full career history, here is my CV.

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