I'm Narcis — a creative with over 15 years of experience building brands and designing for print and digital.

Like all creative people, my brain doesn't switch off. I carry a notebook in my pocket to ensure no idea gets lost, and the first thing I do when I grab a menu at a restaurant is to check the layout and fonts and search for widows and orphans.

I love learning new skills. I am always playing around, whether it's 3D or AI or just drawing with a pencil. I record a five-minute food podcast about design with my friend Lydia. I am fun when fun is appropriate but also hard-working.

“Born in Barcelona, made in London”

How I ended up here?

I grew up in Sant Pol de Mar, a town by the sea not far from Barcelona. When I was in high school, and I got asked what I wanted to study at uni, I was torn between graphic design or ornithology.

I studied Graphic design and Art Direction at IDEP, Barcelona.

In 2006, after graduating and doing some internships, I came to London for one year to study English and have an adventure. I ended up making home in London.

I worked in design studios as an in-house designer before, accidentally become self-employed.

I am currently available for freelance work and open to permanent roles. 




For a full career history, here is my CV.

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Hobbies and curiosities


I grew up in Sant Pol de Mar.

I grew up in a small town near Barcelona, with the most beautiful beaches in the world. Don't ask me what am I doing in London?


My favourite city is Barcelona.

I love going back to Barcelona and showing my city around to visit friends and family.


I love living in London.

Despite missing my home Town and Barcelona, London gives me something that no other city gives me.


Always yes to chocolate.

But never mint or orange chocolate.


My happy place is a museum

I can't get enough trips to galleries and museums. It's a place where I fill my notebooks with ideas and thoughts.


I study Japanese for no other reason...

... that I like the culture, manga and I was curious to see what was it like to learn a language with a different script and structures.


Triathlons and running keep me sane.

I run since I was 15 (on and off). For the past decade, I have taken part in at least two sports events. Mainly triathlons and half marathons.


I don't have a dog

But I steal other people's dog, for a bit, I always take them back.


Are you a dog or a cat person?

I let you guess, leaving you the evidence of two pictures.