Brand oboarding

Brand onboarding: don’t miss that opportunity

Reading Time: 2 minutes Brand onboarding can come in many shapes and formats. But the idea is to give a tour around your brand to bring people up to speed with the brand. Run them through who you are, who is your customer, what makes you unique. Explain the guidelines (logo, colours, fonts…).

Wordpress or Wix?

WordPress or Wix?

Reading Time: 2 minutes My very straight answer would be WordPress all the way! I’ll tell you why and I will also tell you when you can use Wix. Please note that I will refer to Wix, but it would also apply for Squarespace too.

The life-changing magic of carrying a notebook: how to stay creative

Reading Time: 2 minutes Just to be clear! EVERYBODY is creative. Creativity comes in all shapes and forms. You don’t need to be a designer or an artist to be creative. One of my favourite stories is when a group of doctors took inspiration from Formula1 boxes to adapt similar speedy techniques to transfer patients from the bed to the operation theatre. If that …

5 ideas to find your business purpose

Reading Time: 3 minutes Purpose is not only to get aligned with your customer, but it’s also a guide for business owners to know where to head to.

BTW, be careful using acronyms!

Reading Time: 2 minutes A few weeks back, a client sent a brief. It had quite a few acronyms, and most of them related to my industry, despite I didn’t know them. So I had to Google them. TOV – Tomatoes on vine – That kind of fits in the sentence (not 🤔) It was my friend and colleague that corrected me and said, Tone …

To brand or to re-brand? That is the question. What is the actual cost of branding and re-branding?

To brand or to re-brand? That is the question. What is the actual cost of branding and re-branding?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Branding is creating a representation of your business. Building your identity as a company, one that aligns your customer with what you do. Every business, including those who don’t think they have a brand, has a brand. Your name, the colours you use, your visual consistency or inconsistency are part of your brand. Re-branding is similar to the above, but …

Short term vs long term thinking

Reading Time: 3 minutes A tweet has a lifespan of 3 hours. The average time we spend looking at short stories on Instagram is 32 minutes (each story is 10 second, so at that time, we might watch 192 stories). No doubt this affects our attention span; mine certainly has. If you are old enough to remember life without mobiles, I used to spend …