Why should you carry a notebook?

How often has it happened to you that you think something is really good, and when it is gone after a few minutes or hours? If you only carried a notebook, then.  😜 I have been carrying a notebook in my trousers pocket for many years. And I always make sure that it is to hand when I’m in bed. …

Covid Saver

Track and trace sucks: but how can we solve it?

We all know Track and trace is s**t. It’s a useless system because a few people are following it. The app is far from “world-beating”. The government has destroyed the trust by going to Barnard Castle and all the other shambles and the public… We are exhausted and confused. When I returned from Spain (a much-needed trip after one year …

Queuing for your brand: why people are willing to wait or not?

Queuing for your brand: why people are willing to wait or not?

This summer, I managed to climb the Watkin’s Path to Snowdon Mountain. When I got to the top, people were queuing to get to the summit platform. I did too, and the reason was simple As I got all the way here, I might as well wait 20 minutes and do the photo at the top. It was incredible to …

Storytelling: keep your clients engaged

Have you ever wondered why people are addicted to the news? Because they tell stories. Have you noticed how people love a conspiracy theory? Because they are unbelievable stories. Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools you can use to engage with your audience. How can you be compelling and tell a good one? You can read this post …

Brand oboarding

Brand onboarding: don’t miss that opportunity

Brand onboarding can come in many shapes and formats. But the idea is to give a tour around your brand to bring people up to speed with the brand. Run them through who you are, who is your customer, what makes you unique. Explain the guidelines (logo, colours, fonts…).

Wordpress or Wix?

WordPress or Wix?

My very straight answer would be WordPress all the way! I’ll tell you why and I will also tell you when you can use Wix. Please note that I will refer to Wix, but it would also apply for Squarespace too.

The life-changing magic of carrying a notebook: how to stay creative

Just to be clear! EVERYBODY is creative. Creativity comes in all shapes and forms. You don’t need to be a designer or an artist to be creative. One of my favourite stories is when a group of doctors took inspiration from Formula1 boxes to adapt similar speedy techniques to transfer patients from the bed to the operation theatre. If that …

BTW, be careful using acronyms!

A few weeks back, a client sent a brief. It had quite a few acronyms, and most of them related to my industry, despite I didn’t know them. So I had to Google them. TOV – Tomatoes on vine – That kind of fits in the sentence (not 🤔) It was my friend and colleague that corrected me and said, Tone …