Reimagine the new normal. The responsibilities of brands.

Everybody is talking about the new normal. But how is it going to look it’s unknown because this new normal is still in the process of imagine. Everybody can be part of this creation, and everybody should be part of it. I will require innovation, in particular, the creation of unique ways of socialising and rebuilding an economic system. It …

OK, let’s be positive! Coronavirus will pass.

This week has been tough. The news flash of deaths and new cases didn’t contribute to keeping my usual positive outlook alive. I have panicked. I had insomnia, and I took some wrong decisions in a rush. I know the next few months will be bumpy, but I have to go back to my centre. Keep positive and understand the …

10 FAQs about Branding

10 FAQs about branding

Often in meetings, social media or casual situations, I find people asking similar questions when I tell them that I am a brand designer. Branding is often underrated, and sometimes people things aren’t worth the investment. These are some of the FAQS about branding. 1. What is branding? My favourite answer is: Branding is everything to do with the emotional connection …

5 tips to ace on Brand Strategy

5 tips to ace on Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is a plan. Is understanding why you are in business and your vision for the future. Then you have to find your customers, checking that there is enough market and know who they are.