OK, let’s be positive! Coronavirus will pass.

This week has been tough. The news flash of deaths and new cases didn’t contribute to keeping my usual positive outlook alive. I have panicked. I had insomnia, and I took some wrong decisions in a rush. I know the next few months will be bumpy, but I have to go back to my centre. Keep positive and understand the …

10 FAQs about Branding

10 FAQs about branding

Often in meetings, social media or casual situations, I find people asking similar questions when I tell them that I am a brand designer. Branding is often underrated, and sometimes people things aren’t worth the investment. These are some of the FAQS about branding. 1. What is branding? My favourite answer is: Branding is everything to do with the emotional connection …

5 tips to ace on Brand Strategy

5 tips to ace on Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is a plan. Is understanding why you are in business and your vision for the future. Then you have to find your customers, checking that there is enough market and know who they are.