Brand content: telling your story like a pro

I’m sure you have heard the word Storytelling quite a lot when it comes to branding. It’s great to have a story because it engages your customers. But is anyone going to read it? About us pages are the least read pages on a website, so how can you tell who you are and why are you relevant to your customers? Brand content plays a significant role!

What is Brand Content?

This piece of the blog that you are reading is an example of Brand Content. I’m not selling anything, or at least I’m not actively selling anything, but I am telling you: I know my Branding stuff and here is an example of useful information that can help you. But I am also planting the seed in your head, hey if you ever need Branding or Design, remember me 🙋🏻‍♂️!
What makes a good piece of Brand Content?

1 Be Relevant to your audience

The first thing you need to bear in mind is that the brand content that you are creating, regardless if it’s a social media post or a magazine is to know you are you speaking to.

2 Be informative

A piece of brand content needs to be interesting. If you are creating a magazine where you are trying to push your product or services won’t engage your potential customer. You might as well as create a brochure.

3 Showcase your knowledge

Giving free knowledge is only a way to showcase what you know, you are telling your potential customers that you know what you are talking and that if this piece of free information is awsome imagine when you pay for it!

4 Be attractive

It needs to look great. If you want them to remember that PDF needs to look professional and engaging. Also, people tend to keep magazines that are well designed.

Three brand content ideas:


Example 1: Magazine

Some time ago, I worked on a magazine for a Pet Food company. The magazine content was interesting, and the final product looked attractive to pick up.


Example 2: Stories

Having fun and engaging stories on Instagram is always an excellent way to keep your customers interested in what you do. You could create games like Quizzes or Competitions. At Intrepid, we use to create compelling content to send people to blog posts or suggest new trips.

Marketing material

Example 3: Marketing

I design this Notebook, for Pixel and Ink, to show the values of the business. This was a present that went to the clients a few years ago which has a big impact. It’s a good way to show what you can do as well as what are your values.