Brand oboarding

Brand onboarding: don’t miss that opportunity

Recently I finished a contract with a company that I’m not sure what they do. I asked for guidelines; they didn’t have them. I tried to get someone to introduce me to the brand and what they do, but they all were too busy. I did the job the best a could but didn’t really excel on it. I didn’t push things further.

That got me thinking. I wish someone took me around the brand, understand why the business exists and where they want to go. Feel that I belonged to that business, even if it was for one contract. So I thought, why don’t I write about the concept of Brand Onboarding.

What is brand onboarding and how can you do it effectively?

Brand onboarding can come in many shapes and formats. But the idea is to give a tour around your brand to bring people up to speed with the brand. Run them through who you are, who is your customer, what makes you unique. Explain the guidelines (logo, colours, fonts…). Excite the new employee or freelancer. Give them a bit of your time to show that you care about your brand and that you want them to care too. Give them that feeling of belonging.

When you engage your employees they become responsible of the brand too, brand ambassadors. Your brand becomes consistency. And consistency makes your brand stronger.

So, as promised, here are some effective ways to brand onboard someone:

Welcome day

On your new employee’s first day, it’s a good time to introduce them to the company, and that includes the brand. If you have designers or marketing people in your business, schedule a little bit of time to run them through the brand to show them how to set their computers to start word in your brand font automatically. If you have copywriters in the house, explain the brand personality and tone of voice. It would make a full day of induction.

Document it!

Some businesses have a Trello or a google drive or just a word document, where the introduction to the brand is explained. This is good to let new employees on board with the brand and a good reminder for everyone else.

Video it!

Another way I have seen companies do the brand induction or onboarding is by having a video explaining all. This option is a good one, to make people feel welcome, as it’s more personal. Also is likely that people will watch a video as oppose to read a documentation.

Do brand workshops

I was once invited to a business to present the brand we had designed together. It was a great experience because I was able to make everyone feel part of that brand. Understand where the brand comes from, the process we followed, and how we should be strong and consistent between all of us. I have popped by a couple of times since for a refresher, and it is still exciting.

Open it up

I set up a press page for when people ask me for my logo files. This is something you can extend and have it all (at least the public stuff) open to everyone. This won’t only be useful to engage employees, but PR and Magazines can refer to, also your clients. This is the ultimate way to keep your brand consistent.

Remember that branding is not just about how it looks a but how it makes people feel.

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