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Brand strategy in 5 steps

How to build a coherent and consistent brand that will allow you to grow aligned with your beliefs and your customers.

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Brand strategy in 5 steps

This ebook will help you to build a brand strategy. Includes:

  • Brand essentials
  • Positioning
  • Personality
  • Communications
  • Presence

It also comes with worksheets to apply all you learned reading it.

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Building a successful brand on your own.


When you start a business, often branding is overlooked. It's an expense that most business owners can afford at the beginning. Also, justify the ROI is difficult as it takes a long time to see the effects.

Having a strong strategy can help your business to follow a coherent path that is aligned to your customers, and it is something that you can make start on the right foot and then grow as your needs grow too. DIY branding is not the easiest but you can make a simple start by doing good foundational work.

The aim of this ebook is not to build an award-winning brand, because I would lie if I assure you this, however, I think it can get you ahead from your competitors and when you have the budget we can build together that brand that will win your customers hearts.


Branding builds trust with people who you are yet to meet. When people see a professional brand automatically think they can trust you.

Branding helps you show how much you cost. Value perception is shown when you look at a brand not to scare your customers. E.G. When you look cheap, but your service is greater than their expectations.

Branding empowers you. When you have a brand that looks professional, you, as the owner, will feel confident. Because you know the customer understand you.

Branding creates ambassadors. Your customers and employees will be aligned with your brand and therefore, will be talking about it.

All clear! I'm in!