Branding at the start of Q4

The last quarter of the year (aka Q4) in business is an important one. For one because it is time to see the efforts that you have put through the year and secondly because it is time to plan what we’ll be doing next year.

But as a brand, what are the most important three things you should look out?

Plan your Gifting and Sales season at the beginning of Q4

Christmas is around the corner. This year has been pretty brutal, so it would be nice to give your clients a good season greeting. October is a perfect moment to get your Christmas card or/and gift ready. This way, you can manage printing and delivery times like a pro. Also, the next to last weeks of the years is an opportunity to get rid of stock. I am not a fan of sales, but I understand for some businesses is expected. 

Check your strategy

It’s time to look at your brand strategy and ensure is still aligned with your business strategy. That includes your REASON WHY (which shouldn’t have changed) and go through your positioning, checking that your customer hasn’t changed. If it has, you should adjust your messaging and storytelling and check that your design and identity is still relevant.

Need help with this? Download resources from here.

Revise your goals and plan Q1

Starting with a strong Q1 is vital. Set your goals for the first quarter, plan how you will get there, marketing efforts, generation of PR. Build an overview of Q2-4, but remember that will be a pretty special year, so don’t set anything in stone.

If you are a business, it’s an excellent chance to show leadership by involving your employees in the next year planning. They might come up with great ideas.