Branding for Millenials

Millennials are a significant part of our consuming society today. The way we attract and nurture a Millennial is different than how we do it with a baby boomer or a GenX. For example, Millennials don’t use business cards. They hook you on Instagram. Branding is very different for them.

So What is different, and how do you brand for Millennials?

Fit for a good purpose

Branding with purpose is definitely a trend that is coming to stay. Millennials care about the environment and ethic. They will accept to pay extra for non-plastic products.

Greta Thunberg has also made a significant impact on them; in fact, she could be a great example of how to brand for millennials — being connected with a definite purpose. 

Personalised branding

Millennials are the generation that brought back the connection with businesses. When you think at the beginning of companies, we had a very personalised treatment, and then globalisation gave brands the power. Brands gave the terms. With technology, we are back to a customised business model, and Millenials have embraced it.

Branding to connect people

Millennials expect to be connected. Like the example above, they don’t react to a business card. They connect with you on social media. That opens excellent opportunities to understand your customer and offer them what they really want.

Now better than later

Millennials are the generation of Netflix and Amazon Prime. They will purchase things that can get to them now. Immediacy is what they are looking for. That is why digital products, such as apps and social media, work so well with them.

Design and innovation

The people born in the new millennia are very familiar with well-designed branding. They value beauty as well as they know the world of design. So all offers will need to be at least looked at the aesthetics.

Related to design is innovation; they will get attracted to new things; in fact, they expect new things. Loyalty for millennials is not built-in excellence service but also in the creation of unique.