Branding is as relevant as ever

The future of employment is changing dramatically. We will see more working from home and rise self-employment (from those who have been laid off). The competition will be fierce and branding won’t be an option, will be a must.

The future is not coming. The future is shaped by those who tale action. This virus situation is going to stay for at least the next 18 months. We will see relaxation and more lockdowns depending on how transmission rates go. What I just said is not said by me, but the consensus of most experts and industry leaders are predicting a long and slow recovery.

Businesses, we’ll do business as unusual. It’s a great time to test new things and innovate your services and products. For example, I am currently launching courses on branding and design for those businesses who don’t have big budges but have big needs. Why? Because I don’t think it’s time to stop investing in branding and design, but at the same time, I understand that the money is tight.

To answer the question that I title this post. Branding is more relevant than ever because:

1- More competition means you have to stand out.

We have to position ourselves to become the solution our customers need and stand out from our competitors. To do this is not to copy what they do, but to do it better and communicate it better.

2- Customer connection

Branding is not to have a pretty business. Branding should emotionally connect with your customers. The way you look and your business values should be aligned and appealing to the customers you are trying to reach.

3- Employee motivation and engagement

The UK has a shallow employee engagement. Having motivated staff is essential for your business continuity, one because you don’t have to train people consistently, and two because having happy employees gets reflected in front of your clients.

Looking for more value?

Branding needs to spread through the whole organisation. Ensure that your goals in business are also aligned with your goals in branding. If you want to learn more about branding download the Brand strategy in 5 steps FREE ebook, a book packed with value.

Brand Strategy in 5 Steps