Branding like an architect

Branding like an architect

If a brand was a building, we wouldn’t start with the shop sigh. Branding is an exercise that we do in a patchy way, as opposed to a planned strategy. What is the logical approach? Building it like an architect would do.


Architect drawings

We all know before laying the foundations of a building we need to know what the earth beneath will be and what sort of weather is going to be facing. Similarly, branding has the stage of planning. Understanding what needs doing, what is the brand currently looking if it’s an already existing one. 


Foundations of a building

Foundations are vital for a building that we design to last. In branding, these foundations are the essence of the company. Purpose, vision or values are essential to get to know who the customer is. For then find the right position for your brand in the correct gap of the market. Without knowing your customer inside out and understanding why you are different, you are just doing tarot. Guessing.

Building up


You now know that you are building upon a strong foundation. It’s time to put your bricks. These are understanding the personality of the brand and the voice. With those brick, you are building the core message of your brand.

Window, flooring and paint

Decoration of a home

Because you have built the brand in a very logical way, you are now ready to choose the visual details, the ones that will appeal to your customer. You can now create a logo and all the collateral with the colours and fonts appropriately.

Inauguration of the building

View of a webiste

So you have a fantastic building now. You can now invite people via website, social media or sending a card. Because you will have a strong identity that it’s aligned with the personality that appeals to your customer. 

And that is how you build a home for your business.