BTW, be careful using acronyms!

A few weeks back, a client sent a brief. It had quite a few acronyms, and most of them related to my industry, despite I didn’t know them. So I had to Google them.

TOV – Tomatoes on vine – That kind of fits in the sentence (not 🤔)

It was my friend and colleague that corrected me and said, Tone of Voice. Of course! 😅

Acronyms might have a place and time, but we shouldn’t assume that other people will know what it is. In marketing, we use a lot of them, ROI, ETA, CTA and a long list. I once had a colleague that sent me an email like this (I kid you not!):

Hey N,

A lot of brands use their names and products as acronyms be we should question whether it looks lazy or rude from our part.

What you say vs how it feels

Acronyms sometimes feel like you don’t have time for me, to spare 3 extra nano-seconds to write the whole word. It also feels like careless, because you assumed that I would know what they mean, but if I don’t know I will have to search for the meaning.

Also could lead to confusion. The first time I was asked for ETA my head nearly explode. As being a Spaniard who grew up in the 80s with a terrorist group with the same name, even now still gives me chills.

You could sound really rude with FYI. I know you mean to just inform you. But the feeling of these three letters come usually in a negative and accusing meaning.

When can you use them?

I won’t be who tells you when or whether you should use them, this little note is just some thought about acronyms, how they make me feel and make you think before using. We all use OMG or WTF amongst friends, and I think that should be fine. But