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Track and trace sucks: but how can we solve it?

We all know Track and trace is s**t. It’s a useless system because a few people are following it. The app is far from “world-beating”. The government has destroyed the trust by going to Barnard Castle and all the other shambles and the public… We are exhausted and confused. When I returned from Spain (a much-needed trip after one year …

Brand oboarding

Brand onboarding: don’t miss that opportunity

Brand onboarding can come in many shapes and formats. But the idea is to give a tour around your brand to bring people up to speed with the brand. Run them through who you are, who is your customer, what makes you unique. Explain the guidelines (logo, colours, fonts…).

Wordpress or Wix?

WordPress or Wix?

My very straight answer would be WordPress all the way! I’ll tell you why and I will also tell you when you can use Wix. Please note that I will refer to Wix, but it would also apply for Squarespace too.

To brand or to re-brand? That is the question. What is the actual cost of branding and re-branding?

To brand or to re-brand? That is the question. What is the actual cost of branding and re-branding?

Branding is creating a representation of your business. Building your identity as a company, one that aligns your customer with what you do. Every business, including those who don’t think they have a brand, has a brand. Your name, the colours you use, your visual consistency or inconsistency are part of your brand. Re-branding is similar to the above, but …

Why is design is important?

Design can be that scary word, where people will say: “Oh, I am not creative”. But can also be that brave profession where everyone gives it a stab: “My niece has a computer, she will design your logo”. I take time to educate your eye on design as a designer. But most people can perceive if something is a good …

Branding at the start of Q4

The last quarter of the year (aka Q4) in business is an important one. For one because it is time to see the efforts that you have put through the year and secondly because it is time to plan what we’ll be doing next year. But as a brand, what are the most important three things you should look out? …

Connecting the dots by Steve Jobs

This video is a really inspirational speech for a Sunday. In fact, there are three extraordinary stories—one about connecting the dots, one about love and the last about death. These stories are about resilience and growth mindset. It’s an emotional speech, that shows three valuable lessons that Steve learned six years before he died. The whole lessons come to say: …