Consultancy and workshops


One-to-one brand chat

Are you lost in branding? Don't you know how to improve your brand? Looking for some order in your look and feel?

Book a call for an hour with me. In one hour, we can look at your branding and your marketing efforts and find ways to improve. This consultancy is perfect for people who are starting and have low budgets, which I can suggest ways to save money or strong brands that need a bit of organisation in their design assets.

Book now, I'm so sure that you will find a mountain of value in this consultancy that if you are not satisfied I will give you the money back.

Investment: £97

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Great intro to branding session today with Narcis. Very well prepared and look forward to implementing the tools that I learnt. Highly recommend.


Brand strategy workshop

In a nutshell, this is a 30-day programme that includes, a 4-hour workshop building your brand strategy, split in two or three days (your choice), and access to me for the rest of the month. How does it sound? Keep reading!


This is about feeling professional
and confident infront of your potential clients

In this workshop together we'll build your brand strategy. Every brand is different and there are no magic frameworks to solve every case, that's why this workshop is tailored to your unique needs.

We are going to look at:

❣️ Your brand essence
🥇 Your positioning
😉 Your personality
📣 Your communications
💻 Your brand presence

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How does it work?

Once the payment is made we'll sync our calendars for the workshop time. I recommend to split the workshop in 2 or three sessions, so you have time to work without overloading. During the 30 days from your payment you will have access to pick my brain*.
*T&C below.

I teach

During the workshop I will tell you my method on building brand strategies, and we will apply all the knowledge specificly to your brand.

You do

I'll need you to roll your sleves! And do the work we agree after the workshop time, you will have access to ask questions in between sessions.

We resolve

I will make sure to build enough time for revision of the work done, for questions and discussion. I will support you through the brand strategy creation.

How does the end of the month look like?

The end of the month should give you clarity. You will understand why you are in business and the road map to building a brand that inspires your customers. During the month, I will give you some templates to customise together to fit your brand.

After this workshop, I want you to tell your story consistently and coherently with your brand essence. And be able to share a document that will bring all your stakeholders to the same page.

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Investment: £497

Need help financing this workshop? Get in touch and let's talk about instalments!

When can I start?