One hour consultation

You are not alone in this journey!

This consultation is to help you, business owner, to have clear actions and bring confidence to your brand.


What will you get?

A full 60 minutes (although most times runs over 😊 ) with me. Previous to our call we can agree on what you want to talk about, so I can prepare well for you to get the most of this chat or you can have me for an hour asking questions.

In one hour we can...

  • review your challenges and your goals.
  • discuss improvement, and give you tips and tools to apply them successfully.
  • walk through your brand assets to endure they are well structured, consistent and the communication is coherent.

After the session:

  • I will send you a follow up e-mail with all what we have chat and also any extra thoughts I might have while typing the notes. 
  • You will hace the option to book a free 15 minute follow-up call for questions.

Investment: £60



Help to build a strong brand


Confidence for you


Enhance the trust from your customers


Clarity on your next steps

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