I want to help as many people as possible. Knowing that some startups and businesses sometimes don't have a budget for branding and design, I have created a series of courses where I am sharing all my secrets. The classes at the moment are one to one live lessons where you will put the work and together we'll revise week by week. At the end of each course, you should get not only lots of knowledge but a logo, website or whatever you signed up for.


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Brand identity course

During six weeks, we will design your brand identity together. It's a course packed with practice and design training. At the end of this course, you will have a Logo, your colour palette and your fonts. On the last lesson, you will learn how to manage your brand and how to create a brand guidelines book.

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Brand intensive workshop

As the name suggests, it is six intense weeks with a lot of knowledge and ending with your Brand Strategy in place. We will start from the essence and build inside out a plan for your business. In the end, if you have already had a brand identity, we'll revise it accordingly, or I will give you some tips to get one on a budget.

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Online presence: Your website and social media

If you are not on the internet, you don't exist. This course is to help you build your website. We are going to create your online presence with a site that will be live by the end of the course. As part of this course, you will have some training on how to manage your website, and your social media look and feel. 

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Let me know when they go live!