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One to One Brand Intensive workshop, as the name suggests, is an in-depth review of your branding efforts and an audit of your sector to craft your unique story and compelling message to position your company where it deserves.

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So what is it?

It's a workshop where we will draw a roadmap that will set you out the best direction for your brand, taking into account your unique business circumstances. It's going to give you clarity on what is the right branding for your business and should fill you with confidence to sell your services.

Consists of three stages: 

  1. The interview: I will send you a form to fill out before our meeting so I can gather all the information about the current state of the brand. It's not too long. 
  2. The workshop: After conducting an audit of your industry, your audience and market landscape, together, we'll have the Brand Intensive Session. It is a three or four hours workshop (no worries we'll get some breaks in between). And we'll cover each section of your roadmap. It's called intensive because we will go through a tremendous amount of information. But no worries, see stage 3.
  3. The recap: At the end of the call, you will get the presentation for you to keep and the recording of the session.

    Is it for you?

    The Brand intensive is for entrepreneurs, business and start-ups who:

    • have an ethical or purpose-driven business
    • are looking for clarity on their brand.
    • don't feel comfortable or represented with their current brand.
    • feel their brand is tired.
    • want to find order in their all-over-the-shop-brand.
    • value brand and design.
    • will appreciate the time and expertise taken in the exercise.
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      It won't come as a surprise if I tell you that, Narcis is who will run this session. But who am I to impart this workshop?

      I have been over ten years in the design industry, after five years of studying design and art direction in Barcelona. I have never stopped learning, having taken some courses on marketing and brand strategy.

      But what completes my education is the real world work. I have worked in marketing teams for international companies as well owned my own company since 2014.

      About Narcis

      The investment

      The cost for this workshop is £240

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