Five reasons why a business should not embrace Black Friday

Five reasons why a business should not embrace Black Friday

My answer to any type of sale is always no. Today is Black Friday and next week we have Cyber Monday. I see all businesses trying to grab the attention of the public to get their last bit of cash for the year.

But is that a good strategy? Is it actually worth it?

I don’t doubt that it might be an excellent way to get rid of the surplus of product. However, we must be careful that we don’t damage our business.

Why I’m so radical about no sales?

Unfairness and disrespect for the client who paid full price

Through the year some clients will have bought your service at a full-price. Giving it now with a discount is disrespectful for those people.

Devaluation of your service or product

When you tell your clients that you can do the same job or sell the same product cheaper, you are devaluing the real value. In their minds will start thinking “Why should I pay for the full price, when I can get it cheaper?”.

Devaluation on your industry

The problem that I find as a designer is that there are a lot of companies and young people that designs a logo for £50. This devalues my work because people don’t know how long and what makes an excellent logo.

Fill your database with parasites

The people who buy in sales aren’t usually loyal customers. They are people who are looking for the best deal they can find. Therefore you are not getting data from clients but vampires.

Pressure on your business model

I worked in a company of luxury products that never stopped giving away sales. This was because as the point above the database was full of deal-searchers. Therefore they had to have a deal every single week.

What are your thoughts about Black Friday? Comment below or contact me!