How to design a logo?

How to design a logo?

My friend, designer, posted the other day a instagram story on How to do design your logo. Here are here steps:

  1. Open Canva.
  2. Close it and call your designer.


I many ways I do agree. But when someone hasn’t got the budget what I would recommend is to design something simple, that doesn’t compromise the future of your brand and then when you have the budget call your designer. I would also recommend you to to set up a Brand Strategy first.

That is the reason I wrote this post. The tool I recommend using is Sketch or Adobe Illustrator. You might find free alternatives if you google something like “vector open-source software”.

Let’s get cracking:

1. Start by typing your business name

Enter the name of your company and choose a font based on the type of your business. Just in black, for now, I’ll introduce colours later on. Here are some basic typographic concepts also look at this Instagram post for more extended theory.

2. Play with your fonts

Adjust your business name by changing the font weight, putting all uppercase or combined and modifying the letter space. Note that thick fonts work well for brands that are looking to be reliable and a bit authoritarian while thin fonts are elegant and refined. The lower case feels more friendly than upper case, which looks more robust and trustworthy. See how the visual meaning changes in the examples below:

3. Colours

Everybody gets excited about the colours! Be careful that you don’t get carried on. Adding a lot of colours to your logo may make it a bit childish, so try to stick with one or two colours. There are preestablished colour meanings that you must be aware of. Below I’ve simplified them for you.

4. Save and share!

I hope this helps you to kick off your business and become successful. Remember that when you are ready for a logo upgrade, I’m here to help.

I’d love to see your creations, share them on social media and tag me so. I can see your masterpieces.