Is this the end of one world and the beginning of a new one?

Everybody is saying “businesses will experience a massive change”. Some companies suddenly understand that it is possible to work from home. And even meetings can be done online. Online events are trending, and the biggest beneficiary of this Coronavirus crisis is Zoom.

But all the above was kind of normal already. 

My question goes far beyond. Do we understand that this could be a trial of what climate change might bring? Are we going to come out from this united and stronger? Will we realise that the millionaire entrepreneur was unsustainable and the wealth has to be spread?

Is this the chance we have been waiting to change the world?

We’ll find out the answers in the future, but also we might have the chance to shape those answers too. People will be more impoverished in economic terms that we know today. But also we might have to change the price of things. We might change money for time, and start using as currency.