OK, let’s be positive! Coronavirus will pass.

This week has been tough. The news flash of deaths and new cases didn’t contribute to keeping my usual positive outlook alive. I have panicked. I had insomnia, and I took some wrong decisions in a rush.

I know the next few months will be bumpy, but I have to go back to my centre. Keep positive and understand the Corona Virus will pass.

I am going to extreme precautions to not catch it, not for me, I don’t want to spread it. And with that, I am going to embrace new the opportunities that come with this.

I will avoid public transport at rush hour:

It means I will cycle and walk more. So I will keep fit and discover London.

I am going to explore new revenue stream:

I recently added to my website two new services that involve renting my brain to businesses. All online.

  • One is an online consultation where I offer one hour of my time to help businesses with creative things. It’s an excellent product for companies who feel confused with their branding or website, and the budget is low. 
  • The second, which I am excited about, my Branding Intensive Workshop. It is a bespoke and full of useful information workshop that will help you build your brand foundations. 

I am going to be more creative: 

For example, earlier someone just told me that they had to cancel an exhibition opening, which they already purchased all the drinks and snacks. I suggested uploading an online preview of the exhibition with a password to get in and sell the preview with a little pack of food and drinks. This way, they can recover the money and show the stuff. And create interest.

Join the Facebook Group to get help!

I will TRY to stop talking about the Corona Virus:

After this time and also note the try. What I will do is remembering other issues that won’t go, such as Global Warming or Homelessness. And also find good news to share too.

I will connect with more people and more often:

As things develop we’ll have a lot of time indoors. This situation means that won’t be so difficult to find time for a Skype or a call as we’ll all be by the internet all the times. I have already organised Lunches with some of my friends confined to Spain. And an e-Pub (not the file for ebook, but an electronic version of a beerhouse) with friends that meant to come from Australia and the trip had to be cancelled.