Queuing for your brand: why people are willing to wait or not?

Queuing for your brand: why people are willing to wait or not?

This summer, I managed to climb the Watkin’s Path to Snowdon Mountain. When I got to the top, people were queuing to get to the summit platform. I did too, and the reason was simple As I got all the way here, I might as well wait 20 minutes and do the photo at the top.

It was incredible to have made it to the top in one of the toughest routes. I was surprised by how busy it was at the top, despite the horrendous weather. Several paths take you in, some easier, some more challenging. And also a little train that takes you up. On my way down to the mountain, it got me thinking, why people goes to all that trouble to summit a mountain? And why we all wanted to take the photo at the very top?

We can see a similitude on brands who have queues outside their shops, UGGs or Apple for example. One can explain why we humans go through a challenging climb or tattoo our favourite brands in our skin (I don’t, but I have seen a few) in three psychological reasons, all related to EMOTIONAL CONNECTION.

  1. Belong: Wen your brand creates a strong community, people feels that they belong to them. People makes that brand theirs, and it’s when they will go above an beyond to show their love. Harley Davidson’s does the tribe thing very well, at the point that their customers tattoo their sking with their logo.
  2. Meaning: When a brand has meaningful values to people they get a community who will follow their dogma. Patagonia is a brand who works well the non-harming the environment to make their products and that translates to people proudly wear their clothing, making an statement.
  3. Lifestyle: Lifestyle sells status. They sell feelings, like being in a Starbucks drinking a caramel latte with your apple MacBook Pro, listening to music with a Bosé headphones.

On queuing to Snowdon, you can see the three reasons why.

So how do you create a brand that people wants to queue?

You need to build a brand that has strong values and visual appeal. You also need to put yourself in front of the correct target, and of course, you have to engage with them.

Do you know who you are?

It is important first of all to understand who are you, why are you doing this?

Do you know who you are talking to?

Knowing your customer inside out is essential. You will find out how they like to be talked, where they hang out and what they really need from you.

Give them the best experience

Knowing your customer now, you can be creative in giving them what they need and beyond.

Create the brand that they will follow

Ensure your brand is aligned with their values, tone of voice and visual appeal.

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