Reimagine the new normal. The responsibilities of brands.

Everybody is talking about the new normal. But how is it going to look it’s unknown because this new normal is still in the process of imagine. Everybody can be part of this creation, and everybody should be part of it. I will require innovation, in particular, the creation of unique ways of socialising and rebuilding an economic system. It will need to be sustainable as well as inclusive and ethical.

These changes will require leadership, both on the political side as much as from society. And in the middle of these two, we have the business responsibility, who will have to push and educate that leadership.

How can we, business help the reimagination of the next reality?

They need to adopt a mindset that includes these three key attributes.

Startup mindset. Permanent beta.

The business of the new normal has to adopt the Lean Startup model. Build your idea, measure the impact and learn what can be improved. And then start again. Having a business is not build and hope for the best is continuously testing, I like the concept “PERMANENT BETA”, introduced to me by Jason Feifer, of editor in chief @entrepreneur. Stay always in test more.

Human brands. Friends not business.

We need to become brands with a purpose and a purpose that is shared with your audience. Then we are ready to become friends with that audience. We have to show our human side. We don’t run businesses anymore; we run brands.

Future proof. Visionaries and leaders of change.

A business has to understand that a coronavirus can stop the economy and not get affected by it. Very few companies I have seen prepared for what happened in the past few months. One of them my friends, Txell Costa, is busier than ever and not by taking advantage of the situation but by having previewed that this could happen and that she, and her team, can be helpful.

For businesses to keep the mentality of the above means that they have to stay relatively small, so changes can be managed fast and efficiently. This is not a bad thing because it also means that wealth gets evenly spread. We have to become responsible for the change we want to see.