Sensory branding, five ideas to brand your business in all senses

Have you ever wondered why Starbucks or Apple have super fans? It’s not their name or their product (well partly it is). It’s their emotional connection with their customers.

When you enter a Starbucks shop, the familiar smell and the shops’ look make you feel comfortable. It doesn’t matter if you are in Beijing or Barcelona; the familiarity is beyond borders.

While you are sipping your tall mocha with an extra shot of hazelnut, you hear the 🎶 Dunnnnn of a Mac Book Pro laptop. You don’t need to look, because you know it is an Apple computer.

See in these two examples. You haven yet used or taste their product, and yet the experience has started. That is called sensory branding, ensuring that you evoke emotions through the smell, taste, sight, hearing or touch.
Abercrombie & Fitch spay their catalogues with the same scent, design fro their shops. Visa and Mastercard make you mobile emit a specific sound to tell you that your purchase has been successful.

Ok, Narcis and what do you suggest my small business to do? Ain’t got a big budget.

I know! But I have some ideas that are feasible for everyone!


Likely, you are already doing this one. What you need is an identity that makes you unique. Your packaging should honour your brand, have a pattern that people automatically associates with you. Bring your colours to be the ones who say hey here I am!

Momo’s Dairy Branding


You could purchase a song or a sound from a bank, and when you have people waiting on your webinars or calls having it on, people will associate that sound with you. You can then bring it to your advertising or podcasts. Or having a sound that you put when you appear, like the 🎶 Dunnnn of Apple. Short and sweet.

Want something even cheaper? Pick up the phone in the same manner. Like I always say: Hello Narcis speaking!


If you send products to your customers, add some scent. Every time they get a letter or a package from you, they will find that recognising smell. That smell could then be ambient smell for your office.

Photo by Omkar Jadhav on Unsplash


Bring pastries and nice coffees to your meetings. Food is emotional!
– Yeah, Narcis, have you heard of Zoom meetings?
If you have an essential meeting, you could contact a coffee shop near your clients to deliver some lovely pastries and coffee.
Also, another idea is sending your invoices or letters with a piece of chocolate.


This sense is possibly more challenging to achieve. But you could add some touching feeling into your business cards with a varnish or embossing it. Your packaging could be done with velvety cardboard.

How was that for starters?

I hope these ideas spark your imagination. Every brand has a different need, and there will be things that aren’t necessarily applicable to your brand, but if you can add an extra dimension, you will make yourself stand out.

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