Showing the true-colours in time of crisis: 5 tips for communicating from your brand essence

We are a few weeks into this crisis. I had to stop because the shock and input I got from everywhere have been ginormous. In these few weeks, I have seen the best and the worst. And got me thinking about the importance to pause before pressing send, or saying something aloud. 

I have seen the true-colours of businesses. Businesses not showing any empathy and companies that have demonstrated and shine their REASON WHY are in business. Here is how you can use your brand to 

1. Follow your compass: your brand foundations.

In these days, I felt lost. I took my Brand Guidelines to understand how I should behave as a business. I am lucky that my company and I have the same values. My guidelines are the compass to follow when I don’t know how I should behave. My vision is to help businesses who make the world better. So straight away, I thought I had to act to help those. For FREE, yes, I know it’s not business-like, but it’s brand alignment.

Leon is giving away food for the NHS workers, and if they accidentally make any profit, they will donate the money.

2. Understand the new reality before acting on it.

It has taken me a week to understand where I stand in this new reality. Take your time. I have been reading reports and forecast to understand what are the possible scenarios because I want to know where and when I can be helpful. Also, how is my business going to look after the chaos?

3. Helpful first, business second.

It is no time to get rich now. It’s time to be helpful. If your service or product is not essential is likely to be an even more significant challenge. But remember that money likes order and stability. If it doesn’t have it, it won’t move. Be helpful first, now it’s time to get out there help this first stage so we can all start rebuilding the new reality. Together.

4. Empathy

I know we are all really stressed, we don’t know how we are going to pay bills, rents and food. But like you, your clients and suppliers and actually everybody on this planet. Understand that this is an unusual situation and we are all in the same boat.

5. Transparency

If your business had to be honest now, it’s the time. Be transparent on what you are selling and what your services offer. But most importantly be transparent on refund policies.

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