Side Hustles

As a creative person, many things call my curiosity. This page shows some experiments and side hustles.


Studio Snack

When my friend Lydia Thornley and I meet for coffee to chat about questions that interest us, things that bug us, people we’d like to work with, and random observations, we wish we’d recorded the conversation…

Now we have. Studio Snack is a short-format podcast, for busy people, like us. It's an audio nibble to listen to while you eat a biscuit with your tea.

Listen here
Or on Spotify

Cuarentone Comic

Since I was little, I have liked comics, and I draw comics. I have never been good at it, but my curiosity is strong enough to at least play with it. I don't expect to win any awards with it, but I hope it will entertain someone.

Read it here

curious dude

This is a blog where I'm consolidating all the blogs I had in the past. I write notes, post interesting links, and keep all my stuff scattered around the internet in one place. At least all the above is the intention.

Be curious