Storytelling: keep your clients engaged

Have you ever wondered why people are addicted to the news? Because they tell stories.

Have you noticed how people love a conspiracy theory? Because they are unbelievable stories.

Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools you can use to engage with your audience. How can you be compelling and tell a good one? You can read this post to find techniques to tell stories. But to tell stories, follow these rules:

Simplify: Don’t overcomplicate things. Tell simple stories, don’t worry about putting all the stories in one place. Storytelling is like Pulp Fiction, you tell parts of the story, and your audience will put it together in their head.

Authenticity: Your stories must be authentic. Your stories will be unique, and you will know all the ins and outs.

Focus: Don’t go off on a tangent. Focus on the main story. As said before, if you have another story to tell, find another place to tell it.

Emotional: Tell your story like a human would tell a story. Emotional stories stay with us for longer. We all remember where we were when a plane crashed the twin towers. But do you remember what you ate for lunch on 12 of May 2002? Positive stories are more likely to engage than scary ones.

Helpful: If your story is not helping your audience, somehow it will just be like telling someone the weather of three days ago. Your story is a chance to showcase your skills and knowledge.

Relevance: Your story has to be relevant to the subject. No one cares about the cappuccino you are drinking (unless you are a coffee maker or a coffee shop). Find interesting things to say that are important to your audience.

Consistency: If you’ve read me before, you will be tired to read this word. Consistency is important in branding. You need to keep going. Telling the stories regularly and in a familiar way.

Now it’s your turn to tell me something!