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Access ever-growing freebie page βž• The Playground πŸ’Œ

When you join the community you will get the password to The brand bookshelf, a page where I upload tools that I use for me and my clients to grow our businesses and their brands. It's a page that keeps being updated as in when a tool is needed and created.

Plus at the end of the month I collect the most relevant knowledge I found in the Playground πŸ’Œ.

All this is free and you only have to sign up once to access this page!

What are you in for?

The brand bookshelf contains useful e-books and templates that you will have access. Including the new items I will be adding, exclusively for subscribers. Some examples are:


Brand strategy in 5 steps e-book

An e-book that tells you how to build a simple brand strategy and also comes with worksheets.


From idea to profit

I wrote this book talking to my 5 years ago self. Things I wished someone told me before I started my business.


Exclusive mini-courses

A small PDF selection with basics on design and branding that will help you become better at looking professional.

How does the Playground look like?

Here's an example