Rebranding with a cheers

Reading Time: 3 minutes Last week I was invited by my friend and communications and marketing at Vinventions, in Spain. The format was a discussion on Instagram live, about rebranding in the world of wine (I mean wine and branding, doesn’t sound like heaven?). The conversation was great, and the questions that came out afterwards brought us a lot to think about and debate. …

10 FAQs about Branding

10 FAQs about branding

Reading Time: 4 minutes Often in meetings, social media or casual situations, I find people asking similar questions when I tell them that I am a brand designer. Branding is often underrated, and sometimes people things aren’t worth the investment. These are some of the FAQS about branding. 1. What is branding? My favourite answer is: Branding is everything to do with the emotional connection …

5 tips to ace on Brand Strategy

5 tips to ace on Brand Strategy

Reading Time: 2 minutes Brand strategy is a plan. Is understanding why you are in business and your vision for the future. Then you have to find your customers, checking that there is enough market and know who they are.