Ten ways to promote your business

Since March 2020, I have seen many people starting their new ventures. The job landscape is changing radically, new and more ethical business are appearing, and big high street brands are disappearing. There is no doubt that things are dramatically changing, and in June, when theoretically the restrictions are lifted, we’ll come out to a very different world.

When you start your business, the most frustrating thing is, how do you get your first clients? We’ll here are ten ways to build your brand awareness and promote your business for free.

1. Tell everyone

When you start your company, you should tell your friends, former colleagues and actually all your contacts to make them aware that you are open for business. This will plant a seed at the back of their mind and recommend you if someone asks them if they know someone with your business skills. Don’t be afraid to spam to a big list. Just be nice and open. It works!

2. Google my business

In other words, put your business in Google maps. Google my business is free and very useful to find local customers. When they google ‘bakery near me’, your business will appear on their map. It only takes minutes to set up.

3. Speak up

For me, this is the one that works best. Offer to be a speaker at industry conferences or local business groups. The way it works in your potential customer’s mind is simple. You expose your knowledge, personality and what you offer to a big group at once. 

4. Discovery call

Give them a taste of what they can get if they pay. Discovery calls are a nice way for both parts to understand if there is chemistry (business chemistry). You give them your time showing what they can get. They see straight away if you can work together. 

5. Blog

Blogging helps your SEO (ranking higher in Google), increases trust (people see you know your s***), gets people back to your site (opportunities to sell your products) and gives value to your brand (you create a tone of voice and emotional connection with your customers). All these advantages by keeping your site content fresh.

6. Write a book

It doesn’t need to be physical; it could be a free eBook like this one. EBooks are similar to blogging, but you can get your clients’ details to keep sending them good value information. This builds a relationship. See the next point. 

8. Newsletter

A newsletter is not to spam. It takes 7 touch points ( contact with your customers) before someone will make a purchase. When you wrote your ebook, you can give it in exchange for sigh up. After they sign up, don’t bombard them with offers; give them value, let them see how you can help. 

9. Become news

Doing something worth mentioning in the news or magazine? Get a Press Release Pack ready and send it. For example, the launch of your book or a new revolutionary product.

10. Get testimonials and reviews

When you book a hotel online, what do you do before even looking at the price? Exactly! You check the reviews. Having reviews and testimonials on your website increases the chance to close a sale. We are social people and trust what others say about us.


Do you want more ideas on how to promote your business in the different stages of your customer?

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