The brand stages and how to be on top of them.

The brand stages and how to be on top of them

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Branding is not just a logo. Branding is… a whole experience. Let me tell you a little story, and then we will dissect it into the brand stages.

Daniel is on the train (this story happens in non-pandemic times) reading a Timeout magazine. An article says: Best 4 coffee shops in Soho, just where he is heading to! Bla Bla coffee is nice but busy. LOL café is loud but fun. Starbucks Soho all you can expect, N&Q coffee shop, for a nice and quiet coffee.

He gets off at Piccadilly and heads to Soho, where he will meet some friends but first… coffee! He is now walking around Soho and sees some coffee shops some ring a bell, LOL coffee over there, a sign outside a quiet street N&Q coffee, he remembers the article and heads towards there.

Located in a nice cute street, the shop looks very welcoming. He goes in; a smiley barista says: take a sit we’ll come and get your order! The smell of the place and the decoration makes him feel cosy. He sits, and a waiter comes to take the order. He spends a couple of hours reading and enjoying his coffee.

Oop! He is a bit late now, goes to the counter to pay, and the waiter asks him if he has a loyalty card, he hasn’t and gets one. Here you go, stamps the two coffees and an extra stamp, because is his first time here, the waiter says.

It has been three months since that first time at N&Q coffee shop, but Daniel has been at that little café several times. He has been there so many times that has got an ambassador card.

I just made up this story, and I made it up quite lineal. Usually, there are a bit more twists from awareness to purchase. Actually, the magic number is seven. The average interactions that happen with a single brand before the buying happens.

Let’s dig into the stages:


Daniel didn’t know N&Q coffee shop. It just happens to come across to a magazine article, just before heading to Soho. He could have seen the Google my business (if he Googled coffees near me on his mobile).

Awareness has to happen naturally, has the feeling of a presentation. For services business what works well is giving free talks or webinars.


As soon as Daniel was in Soho, he was in consideration mood. He was looking for a coffee shop. There are a lot in Soho, so the sign outside the little street helped him do take N&Q in account. It could have been a flyer too. What Daniel needed was a little prompt to remind N&Q that they are there and should be considered.

Consideration is the stage where as a brand you have to solve problem, or promise to solve them. A FAQs page or About page are usually checked by the potential customers.


Daniel has made a decision. Steps into the N&Q coffee shop. The experience during purchase is important. If the coffee shop had a queue or was loud, Daniel would have possibly left the place. He is in a mood for reading. The coffee was nice, and the service welcoming. Good experience!


A lot of businesses stop after purchase. Thinking that the customer will remember them next time. But what if they don’t? Daniel has recieved a loyalty card with an extra special stamp. That will live in his wallet. And next time he taps out in Piccadilly Circus station, he will see that card. He could have been invited to receive their Coffee Magazine that they print every quarter. Or ask him to sign up for their newsletter.

Retention is about keeping your client. You have made a big effort to get them through the door and sell them a coffee, you’ve won their hearts. Keep them!


Super-fans are those clients who are ambassadors of your brand. Harley-Davison customers they tattoo the H-D logo to their bodies. Keep them into a special programme. Make them feel special!

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Ticket to brand


I wrote this ebook after a free talk. That was for everyone in that event the first time they heard from me. And then I became part of their consideration when we finished.