The lack of leadership or lack of kindness?

I wrote this article a few months ago. When I wanted to press “send” and Dominic Cummings story came out. I rewrote some parts, and I was going to press “sent”, and the American elections started and I wanted to add some bits. Then Brexit, then lockdown 3. Today I am looking at the events happening in Washington, and I don’t know whether to scrap these words altogether and give up. But I feel that I must persist with my stubborn optimism. This article is about leadership and kindness, two things that either go together or don’t go.

When most people, I hope, think of leadership, we don’t think Trump or Boris. We think Nelson Mandela or Jacinda Arden. Leadership is not a title that one gets when they are at the top of a management line. Leaders can be as small as Greta Thunberg, with no management qualifications.
What happened yesterday in the Capitol is the poor’s culmination and inflammatory non-leadership.

But this leadership crisis is not only happening in America, but it’s also happening in Spain, in the UK and pretty much everywhere. We are in a critical position in climate change, and I think it’s all linked together with the humanitarian crisis, BLM, white supremacism and wars we are facing, and we need strong leaders to address it. We need kindness.

People needs to give up the self-preservation and personal wealth because a burned planet is no use, even for the richest man in the world.
Growth is not about money or markets. Growth is about society, reconnecting with Mother Nature, and understanding that we are part of a complex natural system that we are destroying for selfishness.

There are businesses out there, thriving by making the planet a better place. They give up their profits (which aren’t less than not-so-kind-businesses) to do better as a group.

It’s frustrating to see those Trump supporters, inflamed with anger by the person in charge of the planet. With childish accusations, like a toddler breaking the game. Like an abuser killing his ex-wife. This is not leadership. It’s unkindness, and it’s intolerable.

What can we do as a society?

I don’t have the answer, because I am a daydreamer and I think utopia really can happen. I’m a stubborn optimist. And therefore I wouldn’t finish this post with a sour taste. I think before we do anything, for the smallest it is we should as ourselves:

Is this kind to everyone?

We create tribes, as a marketing strategy to build an audience and grow that group to follow our thoughts. This strategy is powerful for good and the worst. We are all guilty to share inflammatory tweets, thinking that it’s our thoughts, we share WhatsApp messages without reading them. We share news reading only the headline (most time misleading).

Stop a minute, read carefully what you will share, and think if it’s kind to everyone or harmful to someone. And if it’s not let the person who sent you that know that is not kind too.

I think the power is within us, all, we must stop dehumanising migrants, Trump supporters, Brexiters… We have to remember that we are all in the same tribe, the planet inhabitants tribe.