The life-changing magic of carrying a notebook: how to stay creative

Just to be clear! EVERYBODY is creative. Creativity comes in all shapes and forms. You don’t need to be a designer or an artist to be creative. One of my favourite stories is when a group of doctors took inspiration from Formula1 boxes to adapt similar speedy techniques to transfer patients from the bed to the operation theatre. If that is not creativity, what is it?

And now that we have established that you are also a creative person, here is my best-kept secret (maybe not as I always post about it) carry a notebook at all times. I buy the ones that fit in my back pocket, so they need to be softcover and durable because I spend the day sitting on them. 

— Ok, Narcis, why would I have to do that? Where is the life-changing magic? — I hear you say.

Maybe my Mary Kondo headline was a bit click bite but wasn’t it also her book? So here you go, why I think it helps always to carry a notebook. 

Be ready for inspirations spells.

Inspiration strikes when less you expected, so you will always be ready for the attack when you carry a notebook. I had even written notes during the night when an idea popped into my head.

Stop looking at mobile and write, draw or doodle.

When you carry a notebook and feel the urge to take your mobile, take the notebook instead and start writing or drawing. It’s therapeutic and guess what, never run out of battery. I use it a lot to stay disconnected when travelling on the tube.

Notebook diving is fun.

Do you know those people who go to flea markets? If like me, you carry on using up notebooks, you end up with a lot of them. I have more than 20. It is fun to take a random one and read it thought. It is inspiring. 

No more dry spells.

So when you have a dry spell, you can go to your books, and you might likely find some inspiration, and like the above, remember that it’s also fun going through them. 

Play with it.

I am aware that sounds weird, but when I say play with it, I mean to stick things, make them dirty or simply experiment with things. A great inspiration is the book Wreck, this journal by Keri Smith. 

You can take it with you everywhere.

The other day I was at the cinema, and something in the film prompted an idea for a project I’m working on. I took my notebook and pen out of my pocket and noted the thought down. No light bothered anyone and didn’t ring half-way the film. 

I dare you to try it for a while. It is much more fun than folding T-shirts, and notebooks do spark joy.

The idea of this post took shape from a note born one day. It matured over time till it developed to this. Those who struggle to find interesting content to share should carry a notebook and when they have a good conversation, read a good book or hear a good podcast, note it down.

I hope this is useful 😊

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