The story behind the re-brand

The story behind the re-brand

If you met me before through Pixel and Ink, you might be wondering why did I re-brand as Narcís. There are several reasons why a company should re-brand. I will only mention a few below, which are the ones apply to me. But I promise to write a post with more reasons why to re-brand.

Re-brand because the world is changing

I have changed the way I see the future of employment. I think people will become freelancers or self-employed and will work on projects or as part of teams instead of being full-time employers.

I also think that there is no room for business that don’t do things in a sustainable and more ethical way.

Branding has being an important asset for businesses since its birth, which was originally to tell apart cuttle from one farmer to another by stamping a logo in their animals.

Re-brand to reflect a realignment

Pixel and ink was born to become a design agency. Through the years I have become a more strategic designer, looking into the design as part of the brand and designing in a more operational way.

Looking into the design from a brand point of view means that you create a service that is more valuable and creates consistency and coherence with the business.

Re-brand to change the perception

For the years I have been in business I always being a brand, graphic and digital designer. I thought this was making me an all-rounder designer and would appeal to more people. Far from the truth, being an all-rounder designer makes me a GP as oppose to a cardiologist, which people come to me to solve minor problems.

Customers get surprises sometimes when I tell them that I also do this or that. For example, people who came for a website wouldn’t contact me for a brand, because they don’t know or think I would be able to do so. Which the reality is that through a brand I can create a consistent website or brochure.

Re-brand to simplify

As mention above I simplified the offer or at least the way I communicate the offer. Simplifying doesn’t mean losing clients but gaining relevant clients. The people I want to help through are people who need a company that can look at their business from a strategic point of view. That can create a brand system that resonates with their customers and makes sense visually as much as verbally.

Re-brand the strategy

Sometimes a rebrand is only internal, maybe the customer doesn’t change a lot of visually don’t see much changes. But the strategy is what really changes. The values, the mission or purpose becomes clearer and that gets reflected in the storytelling and the tone of voice. I am doing a full brand strategy review so everything is changing.

And that is why I became Narcís again. That and because most of my clients knew me as Narcís anyway.