Why is design is important?

Design can be that scary word, where people will say: “Oh, I am not creative”. But can also be that brave profession where everyone gives it a stab: “My niece has a computer, she will design your logo”.

I take time to educate your eye on design as a designer. But most people can perceive if something is a good design or not. As a junior designer, I get a “I don’t think is quite there yet” as feedback, which shows that sometimes is an intuition.

Design goes beyond to make pretty things. 

Good design should…

Aim to the final user

When we design, we should have the end-user in mind, not our direct client, the business who sells to the end-user.

Solve a problem

Designing is often referred to as problem-solving. Whether it is a poster or a whole brand identity, we are looking for a solution. Announce a new festival, show the world what this business is about.

Be functional

If a design is not functional, it is not design. The functionality aspect is essential. We can’t have a car that doesn’t work, because then we have a huge paperweight.

So why is it important?


Design creates a sense of confidence from the customer to the business. You can be the best on your field, but when your website looks dodgy, no one will want to put their credit card details there. Would you?

Value perception

Design should show the value of your product or service. Why do you pay more for a Lindt chocolate than a Cadbury’s? It’s the quality, and that is shown on the packaging as well as in the taste. Imagine if you swapped the chocolates from one pack to another. You would think Lindt (with Cadbury’s inside) is S**t because the expectation was build by the packaging. But you would think Cadbury’s is excellent because the wrapper is telling you another thing. 


For the business owner and employees, having a well-designed product, website or brochure, gives them the authority to talk about their business. Like when you dress a suit, you feel empowered, having an excellent design to back your good work gives you a boost of confidence.


As an employee or a customer, you like to show loyalty. And if your business designs are good, people will display it with pride. Be instagramable in the world of the internet is vital.

And that is why, dear friends, design is important.