Why should you carry a notebook?

How often has it happened to you that you think something is really good, and when it is gone after a few minutes or hours? If you only carried a notebook, then.  😜

I have been carrying a notebook in my trousers pocket for many years. And I always make sure that it is to hand when I’m in bed. Inspiration comes when least you expect it, mostly when you are relaxing or going for a run. That’s why I carry a notebook all the time. I write ideas, draw things, and I even put my shopping list in it.

Here are some reasons why a notebook is an excellent item to carry.

Ideas come uninvited.

I often wake up in the middle of the night and write a prompt in my notebook; I just dreamt of the solution to a problem. Sometimes you are in the cinema, and a nice idea comes on the screen, but that thought is gone when you come out of the theatre. Having a notebook helps to capture things that, yes, might get lost, but when you dig for ideas, they will come up.

Always with you – never turns off.

A notebook is always ready to be written. If you are at the cinema or on the plane, they will ask you to turn off your mobile, but no one will notice your notebook. Also doesn’t run out of battery. You can get a notebook in your pocket (I use these from Paperchase, they bend and fit my trouser’s back pocket).

Idea digging and fun read.

When I have a creative crisis, I go to my notebook shelf (yes, I have a notebookshelf), pick up a few of them, and start looking through. Going through an old wardrobe and checking if the idea sparks joy. I find that many notes start a new thought, and sometimes something you wrote and thought would never be helpful suddenly finds a place in the world. It’s a great place to drop ideas for Instagram or social media and rescue them later.

Helps to memorise

When you put things down, it also helps to engrave them into your brain. You know, when you studied, didn’t you do summaries to remember?

Notebook therapy

Sometimes I do creative exercises or journals to get some thoughts or worries out of my head. Sometimes I use a notebook to calm my anxiety while in a waiting room. Sometimes I use it on the tube to stop my bad habit of looking at my mobile phone.

You can play with it.

Many times nieces and nephews are bored while we are driving somewhere or waiting in the street. I often take the notebook from my pocket and pay the hangman or dictionary.

I hope this post inspires you to carry one out and become more creative. I recently started sharing my notes on my Instagram account.